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Supporting a Just Transition

Blue Green Ideas believes that workers and the labour movement must lead on the fight for climate action. Our research and customized learning programs help organizations build a renewable and worker-centred economy that protects our environment and sustains working people.

Our Research

Building a clean energy economy is an opportunity for labour to lead on climate by creating high-quality family-sustaining jobs that spur economic development while reducing the dangerous emissions that are causing an increase in climate disasters.


Green jobs and green investment can not only reduce income inequality they can also generate political support necessary to ensure the success of a long-term climate action program.

To assist organizations, we:

  • Offer technical and research assistance to unions, worker, and policy organizations

  • Shape public policy through research on key renewable energy, economcy and labour market developments

  • Deliver specialty solutions for communication, coalition building, and political advocacy to provide your organization with the opportunity to lead on climate change issues in the workplace and the broader public


Our Services

  • Providing briefings and speaking notes 

  • Developing research reports and technical papers

  • Mobilizing research through fact sheets and campaign materials

  • Conduct training sessions and develop training materials

  • Giving keynote talks to diverse audiences

  • Activating research through opinion pieces, media engagement, blog posts, and more 

  • Facilitating meetings and workshops

  • Organizing major educational workshops and sessions:
    The Climate Crisis and the Future of Work June 6-10, 2022

Our Primary Audiences

  • Unions and labour organizations

  • Governments at all levels (municipal, provincial, and federal), working with political parties, civil servants, legislative committees, public consultation processes, and more

  • Civil society / non-governmental organizations

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